Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung recently revealed that he is currently preparing for his sophomore directorial effort, and is looking for a suitable actress to play the lead.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actor, whose directorial debut “Hungry-Ghost Festival” did well at the box office, said, “I will take more risks this time around so that I can do better.”

After previously stating that he may not star in the second film to focus on his directorial tasks, Nick Cheung now said that he will perform in the movie as well.
In regard to the leading lady, Nick said, “I hope to find a Hong Kong actress to play the lead this time.”
Asked if he would offer the role to wife, Esther Kwan, the actor laughed and said, “We’re too close, so that’s not too good. But it’s too early to tell.”
Meanwhile, in the subject of Gong Li’s recent controversial statement slamming the Golden Horse Awards for being unprofessional, Nick, who has won the Golden Horse Best Actor award last year for his role in “Unbeatable”, said, “I have no comment about the fairness. But I think Gong Li is a pretty cool actress who has depth and creativity. That’s something that everybody agrees on.”
“An award would be an added bonus, but even without it, people still think of her as an actress of a certain calibre. It’s not important whether she wins or not. I hope she will continue to make films that people like,” he said.
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