Known for his talent in business, Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse was reported to have finally become the boss of a listed company.

As reported on Sina News, the actor, who reportedly gained 350 million shares of entertainment company See Corporation after the latter bought 60 percent of Nicholas’ own company Lucrative Skills, was able to double his earnings last week when the shares jumped from HKD 0.35 to HKD 0.80 apiece – making him the biggest shareholder of the company, owning 19 percent of See Corporation.

It was also said that the stocks doubled after it was rumoured that the actor will become the largest shareholder.
See Corporation is a company that engages in the entertainment and media business, including movies, TV shows, music production, as well as artistes’ management. 
Its market value before the suspension on 30 October was at HKD 568 million. Reportedly, the company has had a mediocre performance in recent years, and recorded a loss of HKD 6.68 million last year, but has started to improve after a business restructure.
The company’s representative also revealed that it plans to develop more projects in the future including two to three films, TV series and a joint-venture with mainland production. Each investment will range from HKD 10 to 50 million.
Meanwhile, rumour has it that Nicholas is using See Corporation to list his own company Lucrative Skills.
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