After keeping mum about her collaboration with Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai, Japanese pop R&B singer Namie Amuro recently revealed that the two of them have recorded a song and filmed a music video together.

As reported on Arama Japan News, Namie is featured in Jolin’s own composition called “I’m Not Yours”, which mixes English and Chinese lyrics together.

Both singers reportedly sang in both languages, and Namie admitted that it was her first attempt in singing in Mandarin.
“I was worried that I wasn’t able to convey the meaning very well. But if the Taiwanese fans like it, that’s good enough for me,” said the singer.
Meanwhile, as reported on Mingpao News, the music video, which was shot at the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden in Taichung recently, features both Jolin and Namie as madams in some sort of a brothel.
“I’m Not Yours” will be included in Jolin Tsai’s upcoming album, “Play”, which will be released on 15 November.
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