A mysterious man known as Mr. B has recently expressed his love for actress Michelle Ye through an LED light display.

As reported on On CC News, the mysterious man reportedly spent HKD 6 million (approximately USD 773,948) to express his love for the actress, and used the Expo Axis in Shanghai as the backdrop of his love announcement.

The light show started with beauty shots of the actress, followed by a message saying, “Michelle, I hope to be the shoulder that blocks you from the wind and the rain – Mr. B.”
It was rumoured that Mr. B is one of Michelle’s classmates at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business who has continuously pursued the actress despite being rejected before.
It also sparked speculations that the man is the same person Michelle mentioned in her Weibo blog last month, when she wrote, “If I were to fall in love, it would have to be with you @BJ. L.”
Michelle’s camp has declined to comment.
(Photo source: jaynestars.com)