Warning, not for the claustrophobic.
However, this is perfect for those who are tired of sprawling big spaces, high ceilings and extra legroom – or just anyone looking for a unique stay during their vacation in Malaysia, more specifically, in Sungai Lembing, Kuantan, Malaysia.
Young Yeong Long, a 56-year-old resort owner in said location, took his eldest son’s advice and started renting out eight units of 2 by 3 metres concrete tubes as extensions to his resort’s existing six rooms. The eight concrete culverts are placed in the orchard, giving local and foreign tourists alike who rent the rooms a scenic view of the greenery surrounding them. 
Concrete culverts turned fancy resort stay.
To avoid accidentally turning their guests into a claustrophobic (not to mention nyctophobic), Kevin Young made sure his father’s unique rooms each had a hole at the top for natural lighting to filter in and illuminate it. The culverts, depending on their location, are also installed with a full glass or door. 
Most importantly, the 26-year-old told New Straits Times, is that the Youngs made sure the culverts are well-positioned to avoid them “falling over with the occupants inside”.
Perfect for a weekend getaway.
Each tube-cum-room is priced at RM99 on weekdays and RM118 on weekends. It makes a comfortable stay with its queen-sized bed, warm lighting and air-conditioning. However, if you are not a fan of sharing bathrooms at an open-air Jacuzzi, one of the six rooms at the main building might be more your speed with its attached bathroom, priced from RM108 to RM238.
If you’re interested to try living like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – except dry and above ground – drop by the resort’s website to book yourself a culvert to live in:
(Photo source: New Straits Times)