LeeChongWei 1

Last month, one of Malaysia’s greatest athletes was implicated in a yet-to-end doping scandal. A shock to the nation as no one expected to hear of Datuk Lee Chong Wei taking illegal substance to improve his performance on the field.

The scandal broke out after the World No. 1 failed a drug test at August’s World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark. The test result surprised even the athlete himself, as he maintains that he has never taken any performance-enhancing drugs.

Lee’s A sample was tested positive of a banned substance called dexamethasone, a type of steroid medication used to treat inflammatory and autoimmune conditions.

Following the shocking result, Lee has requested for a second test to be carried out for the ‘B’ sample sixteen days later. 

The badminton star flew to Oslo, Norway last night for his final urine test, which will decide the athlete’s fate once and for all.

The drug test has been revealed today and Lee’s B sample is tested positive.

The 32-year-old is now facing suspension for up to two years, though he could still appeal during his hearing by the Badminton World Federation. The date of the hearing has yet to be set.

(Main photo source: mynewshub.cc)