Malaysian badminton champion and world number one player, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, finally broke his silence over the result of his doping test.

Over the weekend, it has been confirmed that Lee’s drug test came out as positive which not only shocked the entire nation but also the athlete himself.

According to Asia One reports, the athlete confessed, “On Oct 2, I received a letter that I had failed a dope test after coming back from the Asian Games in Incheon, I was shocked, I have played badminton for so long and to experience this for the first time was very difficult.”

The 32-year-old athlete was tested positive for the banned substance, dexamethasone, which was found to have been given to Lee by a specialist sports clinic in Kuala Lumpur instead of doctors at the National Sports Institute (ISN), The Star reports.

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After what had happened, Lee poured out his feelings regarding the issue, as reported in Asia One:-

“I did not use drugs to enhance my performance because maintaining a good name in the international stage is more important to me. All my life, I have been working hard and I do not take shortcuts. I have been a World No.1 player for a long time and have gone through over 100 doping tests, so I know the danger of consuming drugs. I don’t even drink when I go out with my friends in order to be careful of what I consumed. I am careful. I strongly believe that this is not my fault. One cannot even buy this banned substance from the counter at any pharmacy. It has to be prescribed by a doctor. That’s why when I was asked whether I wanted to open up sample B, I didn’t hesitate at all. My wife knows how affected I was. I was hoping that this is all just a bad dream. I was so stressed that I had to leave the country at one point.”

Lee is thankful for those who support and have faith in him. “Sports Minister (Khairy Jamaluddin) and BAM officials have been very supportive. They have guided me through the difficult time and given me wise counselling.”

The athlete also shows his gratitude toward his fans who stand by him, “I will not forget the encouraging words of my fans – here in Malaysia and abroad. I have received many comforting text messages. I want to thank each of them.”

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He updated his Facebook page to show thanks towards his fans and also shared an exclusive interview he had with his long time friend, Satwant Singh Dhaliwal who was a former Malay Mail sports writer and Malaysian sports blogger.

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