Wong Cho Lam Leanne Li proposal
TVB actress and former beauty queen Leanne Li admitted that she was surprised to receive Wong’s public proposal.

According to Mingpao News, the actress, who was beaming proudly as she showed off her new engagement ring, expressed, “I was really shocked. I don’t want to be [that surprised] ever again!”

In regard to the appearance of her parents on stage after the proposal, Leanne said that she was also surprised by that, adding, “I have been texting them and thought that they would not be arriving in Hong Kong until next week.”
Meanwhile, Leanne’s good friend Linda Chung said that she has been informed about the proposal in advance.
Admitting that it was hard to keep it a secret at first, the actress expressed, “I was also moved. I am honoured to witness their friendship, their love, and their road to marriage.”
Wong and Leanne’s relationship began as early as 2009, when Wong taught her a thing or two about performing. 
Though they broke up for a while due to her contract with TVB, they reconciled again later on and continued their relationship until today.
(Photo source: jaynestars.com)