TVB actress Kate Tsui dismissed rumours saying that she was cast aside by the company in its attempt to appeal to Myolie Wu.

According to UDN News, it was rumoured that Kate was placed at the far side of the front row during a group photo at the Sales Presentation event a few nights ago, and Myolie was given the more prominent spot.

Speculations arose that TVB did so in its attempt to keep Myolie in the company, after it was widely reported that the actress has plans to leave the company after her contract expires.
However, when asked to address the placement rumour, Kate said that she has no issue about her position in the group photo.
She said, “It’s more or less the same position I had before. I have always been placed next to Kenneth Ma in previous group photos.”
Kate also found nothing wrong with TVB’s keenness towards Myolie, saying that it is relevant as the actress has been with the company for such a long time.
“She is my senior, and even I hope that she would not leave. I hope more artistes will continue to stay with the company,” she said.
When asked if she herself would renew her contract when the time comes, Kate replied, “There’s still a while before it expires.”
(Photo source: movie.douban.com)