Rumour has it that Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has been replaced with another actor in Raman Hui’s upcoming movie, “Monster Hunt”.

Back on 29 September, China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) released a notification saying that all media platform should ban artistes with misdeeds, which include drugs, gambling, and prostitution.

Kai Ko, who was previously detained for drug abuse in Beijing, is one of the stars listed in the ban, which means that three of his upcoming films, “Tiny Times 3”, “Monster Hunt”, and “My Rival is Superman”, have to decide on the next best step to ensure that they will not lose profit.
While it was alleged that “Tiny Times 3” production has decided to reshoot Kai Ko’s scenes with another actor, it was also rumoured that his other movie, “Monster Hunt”, has planned to do the same.
According to Phoenix News, sources recently revealed that the production company has selected a new actor to play the role that was originally helmed by Kai Ko. Scenes involving the actor will be reshot, though no change to the plot has been made.
However, the reshoots will undoubtedly lead to an increase in budget. In addition to the cost of filming and new actor’s salary, the studio will have to pay additional cost over the extended use of filming crew.
“Monster Hunt” is scheduled to be released in February. It co-stars Bai Baihe, Sandra Ng, Wallace Chung, and Eric Tsang. 
(Photo source: baomoi.com)