“Rigor Mortis” director Juno Mak recently revealed that he is currently busy writing the script for a new movie and has plans to invite more senior actors to star in it.

According to Mingpao News, the singer-turned-director, who attended a fashion event on 20 November, revealed, “I will do the screenwriting and also directing for the new movie. It’s a crime drama and will be using a lot of CGI.”

“We are expecting the filming to begin in summer next year in Hong Kong,” he said.
When asked if “Rigor Mortis” senior stars Nina Paw and Anthony Chan will also participate in the film, Juno said that Anthony will serve as the film producer.
“Right now, it’s quite a headache, because there are more than 30 roles and I want to distribute them all equally,” he added.
(Photo source: hk-magazine.com)