Ten years after the success of their Taiwanese series “It Started with a Kiss”, Jiro Wang and Joe Cheng will be working together again in the new mainland series “Together Because We’re Single”.

According to Yes Entertainment, the two actors will also be working alongside “The Legend of Zhen Huan” actress, Xu Lu, who will play the duo’s love interest.

The new series tells the story of three young people who live in a condominium that forbids its residents from falling in love, and where violation of the rule may lead to eviction.
As fate has it, Joe’s character falls in love with Xu Lu and finds himself entangled in a love triangle when the girl’s childhood sweetheart (Jiro Wang) enters the picture.
With a huge budget of RMB 1 billion (approximately USD 163.5 million), the series will be filmed like a reality TV programme, where viewers can decide on the series’ progress by way of voting.
(Photo source: nownews.com)