While Gong Li has continued to keep mum about the recent controversy sparked by her manager, Zeng Jichao, the manager himself continued to raise more questions by recently spreading links of a blog post and an article criticising the Golden Horse Awards.

According to Focus Taiwan, Zeng recently sent an article published by the Chinese-language news portal, Tencent, with the title, “Why the Golden Horse is so Low”.

He later sent another link to a blog post that talks about how Gong Li’s Best Actress loss at the event reflects the failure of the jury to account for people with sensitivities – when asked whether the first article mirrored Gong Li’s own thoughts about the awards.
Zeng later sent another message saying that the articles have been written by the Chinese media and that they [Gong Li and himself] agree with what were written and decided to send them out.
In one of the articles, it claimed that Joan Chen, the female filmmaker who headed the panel of jury at this year’s awards, should not have voted in the best lead actress category due to rumours of rivalry with the “Coming Home” actress, no matter if she voted for or against Gong Li.
(Photo source: makers.com)