Gong Li was confident as she made her way into the venue of the Golden Horse Awards, only to return empty-handed when the Best Actress accolade was given to “Exit” star Chen Shiang-chyi instead.

While the actress has not made any comment about the loss, according to Focus Taiwan, her agency had since released a statement expressing her thoughts on the issue.

On 25 November, her agent Zeng Jingchao sent a message that slams the Golden Horse film festival for its lack of professionalism.
Among the things stated in the message include that the awards should reflect on itself for its poor ways, and that Gong Li herself will never come to the awards in the future.
The statement re-sparked speculations that there was indeed a conflict between Gong and head of jury Joan Chen like it was previously rumoured.
Apple Daily News reported that another rumour has emerged, saying that it was the Taiwanese jury representatives who voted for Chen to win the award in order to have more Taiwanese winners this year.
However, Zeng said that Gong Li was not upset by her loss and that the statement was referring to the awards as a whole, based on her experience attending various film festivals throughout her career.
(Photo source: focustaiwan.tw)