Hong Kong singer GEM Tang has addressed the recent controversy regarding her supposed diva behaviour while dealing with the media.

As reported on Sina News, the singer was previously slammed for being an arrogant diva, after her manager Cheung Tan refused to entertain the print media’s wishes of interviewing the singer in a separate meeting from the digital media outlets.

Cheung stressed that GEM will only conduct one round of interviews and even threatened to cancel the press conference if the members of the media refused to abide by the rules.
However, the manager started singing in a different tune when reporters began to leave the venue, saying that GEM has eventually decided to do a separate interview.
The manager’s attitude reflected badly on the singer, with many saying that Cheung Tan’s behaviour mirrored GEM’s own arrogance.
However, while speaking to the media recently, the singer apologised for the incident, saying that she was unaware of the issue.
“I am only a performing artiste, and have no clue about administrative matters. But I hope that there is a mutual understanding among everybody,” said GEM.
She also clarified that the team had just recently added some new members and that they will need time to improve themselves.
In regard to her expensive concert tickets, GEM said that the most expensive will enable the ticket-holder to experience the behind-the-scene atmosphere of the concert, as well as other VIP privileges.
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