Songstress Faye Wong has recently made her public appearance for the first time since her reconciliation with former boyfriend, Nicholas Tse, made headlines.

As reported on CRI News, on 3 November, the singer attended the premiere of a new mainland film, “Back in Time”, in Beijing to sing the theme song, which carries the same name.

Looking radiant despite a simple white button-up shirt and black slacks that seemed to be the dress code of the day, Faye revealed that the song was difficult and had to be recorded twice before it can be released.
“This version that I performed was recorded just a couple of days ago,” said Faye.
Meanwhile, according to HK Headlines, when asked to pick her favourite line in the song’s lyrics, actor Eddie Peng chimed in and joked, “It must have been ‘Our lotus root is broken/but the threads still connect”.”
Faye laughed and replied, “Please don’t ask me more!”
(Photo source: jaynestars.com)