Hong Kong singer Ella Koon, who is recovering from Bell’s Palsy, recently revealed that she and boyfriend Juan-Domingo Maurellet are engaged to be married.

As reported on Asian Universe, the singer recently posted her pre-wedding photos in Paris with the doctor on Weibo, and enthused, “I am feeling very excited right now. I have to announce to everyone. We are engaged!

Speaking to the media at a UNIQLO event soon after, Ella revealed that this is the happiest moment of her life and shared that her boyfriend of six years had already proposed to her in Hong Kong before their Paris getaway.
“In my 35 years of life, I have never been so happy. It’s actually very sweet to experience the feeling of being proposed, and asked to be someone’s wife.”
“When he went down on his knee, I thought he was just playing around. I only realised how serious he was when I saw the ring,” she said.
Though Ella declined to reveal the date of their upcoming wedding, she confirmed that it will not be this year.
“We may not have a big wedding, because I am not a fan of such things. It’s more important that both sides of the family are there,” she enthused.
(Photo source: weibo.com/ellakoon)