S.H.E.’s Ella Chen has been criticised for her hosting style at the recent 51st Golden Horse Awards.

As reported on Now News, the singer, who co-hosted the show with Taiwanese comedian Huang Zi-jiao, was slammed for what was deemed as an inappropriate way of hosting a prestigious show.

Aside from promoting S.H.E. member Hebe Tien’s new song, Netizens claimed that Ella’s brand of comedy include flirting with her husband in the audience, and sitting on Liao Fan’s lap.
Meanwhile, her co-host, Huang Zi-jiao, was praised for his wits and humour despite this being the first time for him to host such an event.
According to China Times, when asked to address the criticism, Ella said that her antics were only intended to lighten up the mood, and added that she will work harder in future if an opportunity arises again.
(Photo source: news.cts.com.tw)