Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng recently shared his experience working on the martial arts movie, “Rise of the Legend”, and revealed that he suffered numerous injuries during production.
According to ET Today, the actor, who plays the role of iconic martial artist Wong Fei Hung, said that he had a rough training for the role that consequently caused the ligament of his right wrist to tear.
“I was required to chop a stone pillar in half at the time. The first time I hit it, it didn’t break apart. But my hand swelled,” said Eddie. “It was very painful, but I still had to break the pillar. So I held it in and took another blow. Fortunately, it broke.”
However, due to the injury on his right wrist, he ended up filming his fight scenes with his left arm instead.
The actor disclosed that he is also mentally prepared for the comparison that will be made, seeing that the iconic character has been played by the likes of great martial artists including Jet Li and Jackie Chan. 
“Rise of the Legend” will be released on 27 November 2014. 
(Photo source: fs.fun.tv)