Chelsia Ng is “Here with You” again, peeps!

The 31-year-old all-round entertainer has relaunched her debut solo album on iTunes with exclusive distribution partner Warner Music Malaysia, and the album is now also available on various other digital music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and KKBox.

The relaunched “Here with You” has a new look encompassing a brand new cover and artwork exclusive to iTunes. It contains six songs, plus a bonus track, that are a refreshing mix of pop and folksy. The lyrics to the songs are penned by the talented singer-songwriter herself.
A sneak peek of the brand new artwork.
Born on Christmas day 1982, the Penangite first stepped into the entertainment scene with her role as Rain in the Malaysian English-language comedy “Kopitiam”. Broadening her horizon, she then joined local Cantonese sitcom “Homecoming” and also appeared in 2005’s “Tin Gei Bin”.
Chelsia dabbled in acting on the big screen and earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 2005 Malaysian movie, “Salon”. She has since appeared in several other local movies such as “Sepi” and “Setem”. She even landed a spot in Afdlin Shauki’s award-winning “Papadom”.
Fast forward several years later and here she is now proving herself as a triple threat – not only can she act, she sings and write her own songs too!
Check out the video to her favourite song off the album below, entitled “I’m Sorry”:
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