Former actress Brigitte Lin has recently published a new book, “Clouds Come and Go”.

As reported on CRI News, Brigitte, who turned 60 on 3 November, dedicated the book to her guests at a birthday bash held at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong recently.

She said, “I wrote this book personally and it had a great significance to me. I hope to share my thoughts and views with everyone.”
According to Brigitte, after writing her bestselling autobiography “In and Out of the Window”, she decided to take the challenge to write something that is not about herself after it was mentioned by her eldest daughter.
“She told me that my husband said if I can write a popular book which isn’t about myself, it would be a success.”
Thus, “Clouds Come and Go” was published – a compilation of 23 short stories where she shares her thoughts and views about everything in life.
The book also comes with an audio CD where Brigitte recorded her own voice, reading five of the stories. It also includes a photo album containing photos of herself in the six months leading to her 60th birthday.
In related news, the “Outside the Window” actress will be promoting the new book at the University of Hong Kong on 9 November.