While Taiwanese model-actress Pace Wu has decided to retire from showbiz to focus on her family, fiancé Ji Xiaobo continues to make headlines for his supposed cheating ways.

After his previous rumours with Chinese actress Ying Er, the businessman is now linked to a 23-year-old woman who is currently studying arts in Venice.

Reportedly, Ji has been paying for the woman’s studies as well as daily expenses, and that the two of them have been vacationing around Italy together.
However, on 17 November, the aforementioned woman dismissed the rumours on Weibo, saying, “The rumours said that I am a third party in their relationship. That is outrageous.”
She continued, “I [just] read the news. I do not have any relationship with Mr. Ji Xiaobo, so please do not jump to conclusion. I’m just an ordinary student and this has deeply affected my family and friends. There are some words that I cannot tolerate. Thank you.”
Ji has yet to clarify the issue.
(Photo source: m.niusnews.com)