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All hail AirAsia, for it is the first plane in Malaysia to provide in-flight WiFi service!

The in-flight WiFi service is called roKKi Chats, a service that allows the passengers to use instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, LINE and WeChat while they are on the plane.

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With roKKi Chats, you can chat on-board all you want with your family and friends! (Photo Source:

For RM5 per token (regular price RM8), each passenger will be provided with 3MB of data, which means heavy usage of data such as downloading videos or uploading photos are not encouraged.

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Each roKKi Chats token is valid for a single trip with a 1.33Mbps speed. It can support up to a maximum of ninety users per flight.

Once passengers have reached their quota limit, they are still able to use the WiFi service. However, the speed will be reduced to a much slower 10Kbps.

According to Astro Awani, four AirAsia planes have already launched its in-flight WiFi service and AirAsia plans to expand this service to twenty of its planes by the end of this year.

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Meanwhile, Kenny Wong, the head of the AirAsia Ancillary Group says that they also plan to have the service on eighty more of AirAsia planes by the second quarter of 2015.

With this new development, AirAsia has entered the Malaysia Book of Records as the “First Airline to Provide Wi-Fi On-Board” in Malaysia, Astro Awani reports.

The roKKi Chats service is only available on AirAsia planes with the service disabled on certain restricted airspace such as India, China and Macau.

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