aaron kwok2Bsunwukong
Rumour has it that Aaron Kwok will be replacing Donnie Yen as Sun Wukong in the sequel to the hit Lunar New Year film, “The Monkey King”.

As reported on On CC News, on 6 November, the actor, who played Bull Demon King in the previous movie, sparked such rumours when he shared a photo of a little monkey on his Weibo, and wrote, “I want to save the world!”, “Let me help you finish that mission!”

He also posted another photo of the upcoming sequel’s poster, and wrote, “Think, think, and think some more…”
When asked to address the rumours, Aaron’s manager stated the actor has indeed been confirmed to play a role in the sequel, though more details about the character will be announced by the production company later.
Meanwhile, it was reported that Gong Li will also be joining the cast as White Skeleton Demon. Others in the cast include William Feng as the Holy Monk, Xiao Shen Yang as Pigsy, and Hu Ge as Dragon Horse.
Previously, Donnie Yen was revealed to have declined the offer, saying that the first movie was too tough on him. 
“The Monkey King 2” is scheduled for release on Lunar New Year 2016. Filming will start at the end of this month in Wuxi.
(Photo source: 24-7kpop.com)