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Guys and Ghouls, it’s almost Halloween, you know, the celebration that originated from our Western buddies and that which has after many-a-years, made its way across the globe. [Photo Source: Facebook user Liz Mokhtar]

We may not go ‘Trick o’ Treating’ here in Malaysia and dressing up in costumes for parties organised by our local clubs is about as about as close as we get to celebrating this day dedicated to everything undead.

With that being said, we recently chanced upon a fine display of pumpkins at Village Grocer, Bangsar Village and Sunway Giza in conjunction with Halloween and got the shock of our lives (not of the spooky kind) upon checking out the price tag of the giant-sized pumpkins!

Although it has no relation to THAT famous burger of the same name, the Big Mac pumpkin, as it is called, retails at RM1,088!

The Big Mac or Big Max pumpkin is a real thing in the U.S. Says Specialty Produce website, the giant variety of pumpkin can range anywhere between 50 and 200 pounds. Most commonly, the Big Mac pumpkins are used for carving rather than eating as it is dry and fibrous due to its size.

The Big Mac at Village Grocer is about two to three feet wide and is believed to be still available at both locations at time of publishing.

Apparently shoppers have reported that other Village Grocer locations are also stocking the pumpkins.

If spending a thousand bucks is out of your budget, fret not, the stores also carries smaller-sized pumpkins with these prices:

Large – RM168.00
Medium – RM79.90
Small – RM69.90
White pumpkin – RM9.90
Lil’ Tiger – RM19.90
Ornamental Gourd – RM8.99

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