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After working together for the first time on “Dreadnaught” back in 1981, director Wong Jing and actor Yuen Biao are excited to be making another movie together through  “Sifu Vs. Vampires”.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, the director-producer revealed that plans for the movie has actually started over ten years ago but had to be stored away for a long time due to budget issues.

He said, “The first time I entered showbiz, I was working on Yuen Woo-ping’s movie as a writer. At the time, Yuen Biao was already one of the leads. However, when I planned to cast him for my movie, it had to be postponed. Now that I have worked with him, I really have no regrets.”
“This time when I brought it back, I made several changes. The sifu in this movie is neither invincible nor excelled in everything,” added Wong.
The director also revealed that feedbacks have been positive since they uploaded the trailer online, and said that he has no qualms about making a sequel if the movie gets a good reception.
Meanwhile, Yuen Biao revealed that filming of the new movie has been tough, but it was worth all the hardship. He also had the chance to work with actors such as Ronald Cheng and Philip Ng, and praised them for their performance, especially in martial arts.
In related news, Wong Jing will be directing his 100th movie “12 Golems”, which he said would be similar to Hollywood movie “Ocean’s 11”, and has also saved Yuen Biao a character in the new movie.
(Photo source: hk.on.cc)