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Wong Cho Lam may have had a sleeper hit through “Inbound Troubles” last year, but the comic actor admitted that he is worried that the ratings of the series’ second instalment, “Come On, Cousin”, will not be able to do as well as its predecessor.

According to HK Channel, the actor, who also wrote the script for the series, stated that the ongoing Occupy Central may have something to do with it.

“Everyone is paying attention to the news right now, so obviously the viewership ratings would be affected,” said Wong.

However, Wong, who also enlisted the help of “The Greed of Man” scriptwriter Lun Man Hong to create the perfect script, said that he has tried his best and hopes that the viewers will notice the effort made by the cast and crew.

“The show is quite ironic at the moment. When I was filming the first series last year, I realised the division of Hong Kong people. But I didn’t think it would have developed into this rapidly,” he said.

Wong also hopes that “Come On, Cousin” will become one of TVB’s classics in years to come.

(Photo source: jaynestars.com)