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It was reported that Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan was recently injured during a concert rehearsal, resulting in the cancellation of his Saturday concert.

According to Sina’s Daily News, the singer, who was originally scheduled to perform on 25 October at the Taipei Arena, fell down during his rehearsal and had to be rushed to the hospital after suffering from severe blood loss.

Wilber reportedly received two different stitching procedures to close a 17-centimetre cut in his scalp, and was told to undergo several other treatments.

Meanwhile, the singer’s record label Universal Music assured that he is currently in stable condition.

“Since the cut is big, it can get infected easily. He will follow the doctor’s advice and stay in the hospital for further treatment and therapy.”

“He was very concerned about the fans as well as the concert team, since they have made a great effort all the way for the concert. He is very sorry that he could not perform because of his injuries, and will fully cooperate with treatment, so that he will get better as soon as possible and will be able to meet everybody again.”

His representative also stated that further development in regards to his concert and his health will be updated from time to time.

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