Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan, who was hospitalised last week after an accident during his concert rehearsal, is currently recuperating well and assured fans that he will be back better than ever.

According to Mingpao News, the singer, who turned to Facebook for the first time since his hospitalisation, where he received double suture procedures for the injury on his head, stated, “The doctor said it was the combination of luck, strong willpower and physical strength that helps the recovery situation to go smoothly.”

“Honestly, I am very happy that I can share the feeling with you,” he said.
Wilber also shared the accounts of his accident, saying, “The moment I was injured, my head felt dizzy and suddenly everything goes black. I told myself to open my eyes, or I will never wake up. As soon as I opened my eyes, my head began to ache like crazy.”
The singer stated that he automatically put his hand on his head, and upon seeing blood on his hands, thinking to himself that it’s “finished”.
Wilber also apologised for cancelling his concert on Saturday, but assured fans that he will be back, safe and sound again.
The singer also turned to his Weibo to say, “Thank you for the opportunity of rebirth that God has given me. Thank you for your concern. I will be back!”
(Photo source: herworldplus.com)