TVB actor Wayne Lai is confident that his new series “Overachievers” will perform well in its viewership ratings.

As reported on On CC News, the actor, who attended a promotional event for the series recently, stated that the strength of the series is due to the fact that they are working with the same crew from 2012’s “The Confidant”.

“Their level of standard is very high,” said Wayne. “I hope viewers will find the show interesting, as it has been a long while since we had a drama about the battle between the riches.”
Asked if he hopes to win TV King again this year through the series, Wayne Lai replied, “I have won three times already, and I am assured. It doesn’t really matter to me.”
“Overachievers” also stars Nancy Wu, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, Maggie Shiu and Raymond Wong.
(Photo source: jaynestars.com)