TVB actor Vincent Wong, who is known for his spoiled rich heir roles, expressed his excitement to finally play a different role in his new series, “Tomorrow is Another Day”.

As reported on On CC News, the actor recently revealed that he previously discussed with TVB about playing different types of characters, and was offered the role as tactless prison officer Kiu Ching Kiu.

“The role is similar to Chow Yun Fat’s character in “An Autumn’s Tale”, so I took some notes from his performance in the series,” said Vincent.
The actor also worked hard on his fitness exercise for the role, saying, “I had a strict diet for two to three months to prepare myself for this.”
Vincent admitted that winning last year’s Most Improved Artiste has been a challenge for him to perform better and try his hands on various roles. 
“I am looking forward to hearing viewers’ reaction,” he said.
Aside from “Tomorrow is Another Day”, the actor will also play the main lead in new series “Flat Slaves”.
Asked if he was aiming to win Best Supporting Actor at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards, Vincent replied, “To be nominated is blessing enough for me, and winning it will be a bonus.”
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