TVB Chairman Norman Leung stated that the station will not be making any changes to their annual event to compete with Ricky Wong’s company, despite rumours saying that the latter will be launching its new online platform this coming 19 November.

As reported on HK Headlines, Leung, who attended the lighting ceremony on 20 October to signify the commencement of TVB’s 47th anniversary celebration, stressed that TVB will neither attempt to rival HKTV, even though the latter is launching its platform on the same date with the TVB Anniversary day, nor will he criticise its CEO for trying to compete with TVB.

“I don’t think we will try to compete with them. The company has been on air for 47 years, and if Ricky Wong wants to launch his service on the same day, he has the right to do so,” said Leung.
He also emphasised the fact that HKTV is not a rival broadcasting station, adding, “It’s not a TV business, but an online business.”
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