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Still remember the cool gadget from “Back to the Future II”? That’s right, the iconic Hoverboard from the classic film is finally a dream come true thanks to Greg and Jill Henderson!

First introduced in 1989 in the sequel film of comic science fiction “Back to the Future”, Hoverboard is a levitating skateboard without wheels that has been parodied and referred to in numerous films, games, animations and books.

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The Hoverboard from “Back to the Future II”

After more than 20 years, the levitating gadget is now a reality all thanks to Californian couple, Greg and Jill Henderson.

Now called Hendo Hoverboard (taking after the names of its creator), the gadget was promoted in a Kickstarter campaign and it costs USD10,000 for a single board. The production version of Hendo Hoverboards is expected to be ready by October 2015, New York Times reported.

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The real Hoverboards! (Photo Source: boingboing.net)

Previously back in March, a hoax video of the gadget was posted all over YouTube with Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, Moby, Terrell Owens and others demonstrating the hoverboards. However, this time it’s the real deal. But how does it actually work?

According to The Guardian, Greg Henderson revealed:-

“About two years ago, we began investigating magnetic field architecture (MFA) and hover technology as a better way to build, move people and move materials. During our research, we discovered a way to transmit electromagnetic technology that is far more efficient than anything else. This means that our patent-pending Hendo Hover Engine technology can enable platforms to hover over non-ferrous materials with payloads of virtually any size and weight.” 

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The couple who created the amazing gadget! (Photo Source: finance.yahoo.com)

Kickstarter explained that four disc-shaped hover electromagnet engines can be found at the back of the Hendo Hoverboard. These engines create a powerful magnetic field which literally pushes against itself, thereby generating the lift which levitates the board above the ground.

However, the levitation trick can only works on top of a non-ferromagnetic conductor, which means a solid sheet of metal that does not contain iron or steel, Digital Trends reported.

Kickstarter company plans to deliver the first round of Hendo Hoverboards on 21 October 2015 if they manage to reach its funding goal of USD250,000 by 15 December 2014.

Hopefully after that the gadget will hover this way to Malaysia!

(Photo Source: digitaltrends.com)