While “The Golden Era” has been one of the most talked about movies last month, its box office record was not as stellar as it was hoped to be.

Accumulating only RMB 30 million (USD 4.9 million) since its premiere on 1 October, it was considered one of the more lacklustre receptions, in comparison to Ning Hao’s “Breakup Buddies” and Taiwanese “Black and White II”, which are screened at the same time and amassed much bigger collection.

Many believed that the movie’s failure was caused by its lack of drama and reliance on narration, aside from its three-hour duration.
However, as reported on ECNS News, director Ann Hui seemed unfazed with the box office collection.
Denying the film’s length to be a problem, the 67-year-old said that she has anticipated the numbers, and admitted to have not made any research about mainstream moviegoers before starting production.
“Filmmaking is like gambling to me,” she said. “I keep on trying even after losing and will win something back. I wouldn’t stop, and will continue to put more money in.”
She revealed that the original cut was even longer than the theatrical version.
“The Golden Era”, starring Tang Wei and Feng Shaofeng, chronicles the life of celebrated female writer Xiao Hong.
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