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Stephen Chow’s assistant has recently denied rumours saying that his new film, “Mermaid”, has halted production.

As reported on HK Top Ten, previously, it was rumoured that the production of the highly-anticipated movie has been halted after only two days of production.

Reportedly, it had to be delayed due to Stephen’s health problems, and that its lead actor Deng Chao has also left the production.
Deng Chao allegedly will return if filming resumes the soonest in January next year. However, there is also a possibility of a lead actress change.
Another rumour alleged that there is also likelihood that the production will be cancelled altogether.
However, Stephen’s assistant recently stated that the production has been going on very smoothly, and that the rumours are not to be believed.
Meanwhile, executive producer Wilson Chin has also turned to Weibo to refute the allegations, saying, “I just want to say that “Mermaid” is in full production, with no obstacles or halt. The team is working hard on and off camera.”
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