Despite constantly denying their relationship, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin and her “The Way We Were” co-star, Weber Yang, were recently spotted on a date yet again.

According to ET Today, the two stars were spotted having an afternoon tea together, and chatted happily without realising the presence of paparazzi. The actress was also clad in black, looking like she was trying to avoid attention.

The two of them spent more than three hours together before exiting the place, with Weber driving her home.
When asked to address the relationship rumour, Weber’s representative stressed that the two of them are just friends and that the meeting was just a friendly one.
On the other hand, Ruby’s camp declined to give any response.
Ruby and Webber’s romance rumours sparked during a barbecue gathering on Mid-Autumn Festival this year, when the actor was spotted putting his arm around her waist in a photograph.
However, both stars denied the rumours, with Ruby claiming that she would not generously share the photo if the two of them were really together.