Raymond Lam recently confirmed reports saying that he has signed a three-year contract with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), and will focus his first few months with the company on releasing his new album.

As reported on On CC News, the actor, who attended a celebratory dinner for the success of TVB’s “Line Walker”, stated, “I have not released an album for a while, so I am going to focus on that first.”

“As for movies, I can’t say much for now, but the company is currently arranging it for me,” he added.
Raymond admitted that he has received a lot of offers from mainland companies since the commendable success of his mainland drama, “The Virtuous Queen Han”. However, he will only say yes to the best script that he can find.
Raymond stressed that though he has signed with the Albert Yeung company, he will maintain good relationship with TVB.
(Photo source: popularasians.com)