Halloween is the time when all the stories of spooks and devils come out. In the spirit of celebrating the ‘spooky’ day, we are gathering all the famous haunted places in Malaysia into this one article. (Main photo source: ohmy-air.blogspot.com)

Many abandoned building in Malaysia is believed to be haunted, especially those that have suffered through tragic incidents. Restless spirits dwell in the forgotten rubbles and crooks of such buildings. It is often said that unnerving dark shadows, sounds of sobbing or wailing, and sometimes even mysterious light orbs can be seen in such places. 
Now, let us take a look below at some of the most famous haunted places that can be found in Malaysia:
1. Villa Nabila, Johor
(Photo source: ayuejean.com)
This house came to prominence when it received media attention back in 2013. 23 children were allegedly went missing after entering the haunted house. It turned out to be a false alarm involving only one teenager and he was not even in the house, having stayed over at a friend’s instead. The house is supposedly haunted after the rich family living there was killed by robbers many years ago. People who visited the ruins often claim they captured unearthly faces in their photographs at the house.

2. Kellie’s Castle, Batu Gajah
(Photo source: myholidayinmalaysia.com)
The castle built for William Kellie Smith, a Scottish planter in the 20th century, is now one of the most famous tourist attractions in Malaysia. Witnesses allegedly hear strange screamings at night and even catch sight of the little girl who died there. Despite its claims of being haunted, the castle is one of the local haunted attractions that is promoted, even by the government, as a must-see attraction to complete one’s trip to Malaysia.

3. Jalan Turi Bungalow, Bangsar
(Photo source: thestar.com.my)
No longer in existence as it was recently demolished. It held a tragic story of a maid and two little boys who were murdered, and cut into little pieces, by a bodyguard that had gone mad. The gruesome murder happened in 1992 but the boys’ books and toys could still be seen strewn around the house prior to demolition. Witnesses claim to have heard footsteps following them during a visit to the abandoned house, one saw a young boy waving at him from the balcony as he drove by the house.

4. Highland Towers, Ulu Kelang
(Photo source: http://adrenaline.uol.com.br/)
Another tragic incident surrounds this next entry. An apartment complex made up of three blocks, Block 1 collapsed on 11 December 1993, causing the death of 48 people. The apartment has been abandoned since then, with the two remaining blocks still left standing unoccupied. People who dare visit the ruins claim to have seen shadowy figures around the area, assumed to be the deceased occupants who never left the place and continue reliving the last day of their lives. This location had also led to the making of the 2013 local found-footage film, “Highland Towers”,  that starred Mikail Andre and Shima Anuar.

5. Pudu Prison, Kuala Lumpur
(Photo source: malaysian-paranormal-research.org)
A prison infamous for the tortures of inmates and mass deaths, it was built on a Chinese cemetery and opened in 1895. Even when it was still in operation, prison guards reported hearing strange screamings and seeing suspicious figures that would vanish into thin air. When there was a hanging scheduled for the day, witnesses report that a black cat would always appear at the premises, presumably to collect the souls of the guilty after they were dead. When Pudu was closed, people who visited the abandoned prison continued experiencing said occurences. The iconic prison was demolished in 2010 to make way for modern development.

6. Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur
(Photo source: adamvai.blogspot.com)
Even though considered as an upscale residential area, most of the houses here are believed to be haunted. Many of these houses have been demolished but there is one that still stands and is often visited by curious paranormal enthusiasts. The British colonial house was once occupied by an Englishman, who later took his own life there. A phantom motorcyclist allegedly rides through the area often, witnesses claimed he would rev his engine before disappearing. Just the sight of the hilly landscape, humongous abandon houses and dark narrow roads shouts a place one should definitely avoid at night.

7. Karak Highway
(Photo source: alltravels.com)
This stretch of highway holds some of the spookiest ghost stories from road travelers mainly because several stretches of the highway are left without road lights, leaving drivers to navigate their way in the dark with the palm tree plantations and woods flanking both sides of the highway. Various kinds of ghosts and spirits can be reportedly seen here, such as pontianak and jin. Allegedly, there is a mysterious yellow Volkswagen that would suddenly appear and often caused accidents on the road. There is also the lost little boy who would run alongside a car (no matter how fast it was going) and would keep asking of his mother’s whereabouts. This famous haunted highway also inspired the 2011 KRU Studios film, “Karak” that starred Shera Ayob, Kilafairy and more.