TVB actress Linda Chung recently caught the attention of the media when she appeared at the premiere of her rumoured boyfriend’s latest film, “Sifu vs. Vampire”, according to Singpao Daily.

The actress, who has always been private about her relationship with the martial arts actor, said that she was able to make it to his premiere as it was held during her free time.

“A friend invited me to watch the movie, so I came,” said Linda.
When asked if the aforementioned friend is Philip, Linda replied, “Yes. That’s how our friendship goes. If you support me, then I will support you.”
Previously, Philip made a statement in support of the actress, saying that he has full confidence for Linda to become this year’s TV Queen at the TVB Anniversary Awards.
Meanwhile, Linda expressed her love for the zombie genre, and said that she would like to play a western zombie in the future.
Asked if she has no qualms collaborating with Philip in a movie, the actress replied, “It depends on fate. If the company agrees and there is a role for me, then there is no problem. But no such offer has been made yet.”