With the clash between the police and the Hong Kong students right through the Occupy Central protests, the major concern for TVB should be that the portrayal of righteous police in its new series, “Tiger Cubs 2”, might rub some people the wrong way.

However, producer Lam Chi Wah believed that the viewers are smart enough to enjoy the series without comparing it to what is currently happening in Hong Kong.

As reported on Mingpao News, Lam stated, “I don’t think people will have some negative emotions watching the heavily armed characters in the series. Viewers are rational and will understand that the show is just for entertainment purposes.”
He continued, “The show is about the three-dimensional look [of the Hong Kong elite paramilitary officers from the Hong Kong Police Force], not a general showdown between good and evil. Both parties, the SDU members and the criminals, have descriptive backgrounds. It’s not just an action series, but it also has a psychological side to the story. There are subplots about the friendship among the members as well.”
Asked if there would be scenes involving tear gas, a subject which has been considered sensitive to protesters after experiencing such occurrences last week, Lam said that “Tiger Cubs 2” has similar equipment, though it has a different ability to cause loud noise and blinding light that targets brief visual and auditory disturbance. However, it is only used against criminals.
“Tiger Cubs 2 is made with blood, sweat, and tears of the cast and crew. I hope that the viewers will love it,” he said.
On another report on HK Channel, Lam revealed that Kenneth Ma will also be making a cameo in the star-studded drama.
(Photo source: 24movie.cn)