After much speculation, it was reported that Kitty Zhang will be working with Stephen Chow again on his new movie, “Mermaid”.

As reported on Sohu News, the Chinese actress rose to fame through the comedy auteur’s 2008 movie “CJ7”, though she was later involved in a contractual dispute with him, like so many others before her.

However, the decision to cast Kitty has not been received gracefully by some, including Stephen’s former management employee, Terry Yang, who used to manage the actress.
Terry expressed his disappointment on his Weibo, particularly with Stephen, for hiring the same actress who had a fall out with him before.
“It seems that the two years we spent in court was all in vain,” said Terry.
Meanwhile, Stephen has also chosen actor Deng Chao as the lead star of “Mermaid”, though it was previously rumoured that his “Journey to the West” star, Show Luo, would get the role.
Reportedly, Stephen was interested in working with Deng after seeing him on “The Breakup Guru”, as well as the Chinese edition of the Korean variety show, “Running Man”.
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