Hong Kong singer Kay Tse recently revealed that she will be making her first foray into TVB drama next year.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the singer, who appeared for a recording in TVB City recently, revealed that she will be playing a vampire in her first series ever.

“We could only confirm this after half a year of planning,” said Kay.
She jokingly admitted that she has always loved imagining herself to be a vampire at home, and pretending that she has telekinesis power to turn the lights off.
“But in the end, my husband has to go and turn it off for me,” she laughed.
The singer was also full of praises for hubby Louis Cheung’s acting talent, and said that he has considered giving her a few lessons about acting.
Kay confessed to being nervous about making her drama debut, especially as it will have action scenes involving wire work.
“I have tried it before while filming a commercial. The wire was too tight and it made me nauseous. I’m scared,” she said.
The singer will begin her martial arts training in November and filming in February next year. The series reportedly will also co-star Kevin Cheng.
(Photo source: hk-magazine.com)