TVB actress Kate Tsui has laughed off rumours saying that Samantha Ko has now overshadowed her in TVB due to the latter’s alleged relationship with TVB major shareholder, Charles Chan.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who was linked to the Shell King in the past, was rumoured to have rose to her position as one of TVB’s most sought after actresses due to his influence.

However, while speaking to the media at an event organised by beauty and health brand SaSa, Kate dismissed the rumours and said, “Maybe I am targeted with such rumours because I have a new series [“Tomorrow is Another Day”] airing.”
“It has been two years since I last heard the rumours, but it seemed like it has not left me at all!” the actress joked.
Kate also denied feeling angry with the rumours, saying that she will not dwell on them and will just let it fizzle.
In regards to the reports saying that she has lost her star power as Chan is now focusing on Samantha, Kate joked, “I never had any power in TVB, so how can I lose it? It’s not fair for us. Actresses work hard to get where we are, and to prove ourselves. Why deny us this? Samantha is a hardworking actress. I hope that the rumours will die down eventually.”
Kate stressed that actors rarely see Charles Chan except during TVB Anniversary events.  
(Photo source: 310627192.r.worldcdn.net)