After secretly planning for three months, Raymond Lam recently unveiled his lavish birthday party for 21-year-old girlfriend, Karena Ng.

As reported on On CC News, the actress, whose birthday falls on 27 October, recently received a private party attended by her closest friends at Hong Kong’s exclusive The Krug Room.

Karena was presented with a three feet tall Cinderella’s castle cake with a fountain at the bottom. The dining table was also decorated with edible pink shoes, desserts in the form of gift boxes and chocolate sweets, as well as entrees served inside jewellery boxes.
The actress, who looked stunning in a black dress with sheer sleeves, was smiling happily throughout the event.
Reportedly, The Krug Room is one of the most exclusive venues that only served the most elite clients. Accommodating 12 guests at a time, the French restaurant’s services starts at HKD 120,000 (approximately USD 15,469).
(Photo source: hk.on.cc)