Julian Cheung recently confirmed that he will be filming the movie remake of his 2000’s TVB drama “Return of the Cuckoo”, Oriental Daily reported.

Previously, it was revealed that Patrick Kong will be helming the big screen adaptation, with Julian and “Line Walker” actress Charmaine Sheh in the leads.

Speaking to the media at a charity event recently, Julian admitted that he will be staying in Macau to begin filming the movie.
The actor joked that he will be breaking his own record by flying to six different places in a week. “Aside from Macau, I will also be travelling to Beijing, Ningbo, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Danba. I think I have a better record of flying than a pilot!” 
Julian also revealed that the cast of the original “Return of the Cuckoo”, including Nancy Sit, will return for the movie, though admitted that playing the same character 14 years later will be quite difficult on their part.
“Return of the Cuckoo”, which aired on TVB between July and August 2000, centres on the relationship between a mute named Man Cho (Julian Cheung) and Kwan Ho (Charmaine Sheh), the daughter of his guardian Ah Kiu (Nancy Sit).
(Photo source: mtime.com)