M Id 394646 Jackie Chan

Being the father of Jaycee Chan may make him presumably the authority in the developments of the actor’s drug case, but Jackie Chan recently stressed that it was not the case at all, according to Tencent Entertainment.

“What I know [about the case] is no different to the ones you already know,” he said, during the press conference of his upcoming movie “Skiptrace”. “I have been busy, and the case has not impacted my work at all.”

The actor also stated that while he understands that it is a journalist’s job to report on the case, he hopes that there will be no more fabricated news.

“These rumours don’t faze me, but it hurts his mother [Joan Lin]. I am begging you, please do not write stories based on your imagination,” he said.

He continued, “I am not a competent father, but I hope that I can be.”

Jackie also revealed that his new movie, “Dragon Blade”, will hit theatres next year.

(Photo source: indianexpress.com)