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Back in May 2014, KRU Records introduced to the local industry its latest aspiring artists, ZiaBella. A singing duo made up of sisters Nurul Shazia and Nurul Salsabila, or more famously known as Zia and Bella, the siblings aim to break through the local music scene with the strength of their honey vocals.

Zia, a recent diploma graduate, is no stranger to the entertainment world, having been a finalist on the singing reality show “Bintang RTM” back in 2012. Bella, who has just finished her Malaysian Certificate of Education and is currently furthering her studies, landed the sisters their big break when she was invited by KRU Records’ Edry for an audition. After the audition, ZiaBella was formed and the rest, as they say, is history.

ZiaBella sat down with TheHive.Asia recently and told us about their favourite songs, favourite singers and their thoughts on ever going solo.
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ZiaBella all dolled up for the interview.
Other than your current song genre, which is ballad pop, do you want to try out other genres in the future?
Zia: Our current genre is actually a combination of our personal interest, since there are two of us – my interest is ballad and Bella’s is pop – Edry has combined both to come up with our current genre. Maybe for our new single, if there’s a new style, we can try out a new genre.
Bella: If we have to, I would want to try out ballad. As I’m more into pop, I would like to give just ballad a try.
What’s your inspiration to sing? 
Zia: For me, it all started with passion, a passion that is encouraged and supported by our family, namely our mother. She advises us to always finish what we started, finish it with success.
Bella: Every event that we go to, once we enter, we will see our family at the front row without fail, always there to support us. Even during my audition with KRU, my mother was outside, giving me her support.
Zia: I was on a reality show [Bintang RTM] before this. When you’re starting out on something, there are always going to be challenges. After the reality show, I felt it was hard to promote without [the backing of] a company. But our mother will say “when we want to succeed, we must face challenges”. I take that as a lesson and it now becomes my inspiration to work hard.
Who are your idols in the music industry?
Bella: Kris Dayanti.
Zia: Misha Omar. She’s versatile. Her voice is different, you can feel an aura just by listening to it.
Bella: My favourite Kris Dayanti song is “Mencintaimu”. I will sing this song no matter where I go. The lyrics and the presentation, it’s just my favourite song.
Zia: All Misha Omar songs are my favourite. Just listening to her songs makes me feel close to what she is trying to present through them.
When will you release a full album?
Zia: Right now we’re still focusing on our single. If this single gets a good reception, maybe we will continue with a different project.
ZiaBella: Right now we’re still going through promotions for the single.
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ZiaBella like both acting and singing. 
Any plans on making a music video?
Zia: That’s under planning. For now, we are not making any music videos yet.
What about acting? What roles would you like to try out?
Bella: No one wants to play the villain (laughs). For me, I would prefer playing the nice guy.
Zia: As for me, since we’re still new, maybe I would take on smaller roles first in order to gain more experience.
Bella: I recently acted in a drama, I received a very arrogant role. I play an educated but arrogant doctor. I felt it was really hard as I had to scold another actor. The actor is a senior in the acting world, I’m a newbie. To scold a senior is a hard thing to do.
Any movie that you feel like acting in every time you watch it?
Bella: I’m into K-Pop, Korean entertainment, so I would like to act in anything related to that. If Zia, she’s more into Indonesian entertainment.
Zia: Yes, I’m more into Indonesian entertainment.
Any thoughts on doing solo projects?
Bella: No, I’m comfortable working with my sister. I’m not thinking of doing any solo project.
Zia: Maybe just for special projects. Being in ZiaBella is a good thing, since we’re sisters, if there’s any misunderstanding we can talk it over. It’s easy. But let’s say if we have any temporary projects, let’s say Bella gets more offer in acting, as the older sister I will support her.
Check out these lovely ladies crooning their debut single “Sesuatu yang tak mungkin” here: