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Hong Kong celebrities have expressed their rage and disappointment with the recent reports of police brutality during the Occupy Central protests.

As reported on HK Top Ten News, several hundred police officers have recently been deployed to regain control of Lung Wo Road, which was originally occupied by protesters.

Reportedly, one of the protesters was arrested and cuffed with a plastic zip tie, and was beaten by seven cops who took him to a dark corner – an act that was caught on camera by the media.

Angered by the recent development, celebrities including Anthony Wong, Denise Ho, Stephen Au, Daniel Wu and Priscilla Wong have relayed their disappointment online.

Anthony, who is an avid supporter of the Occupy Central movement, expressed his anger with the beating, and likened the police relationship with the public to the movie, “Prison on Fire”.

Meanwhile, Priscilla Wong stated that she is very shocked and scared after hearing the recent news, and stressed that violence is wrong no matter who does it.

However, Andy On said that while the beating is a wrong thing to do, he still puts his trust on the belief and urged people not to blame the whole force for the action of few.

(Photo Source: Ibtimes.com)