Born in Guangzhou and making his fortune in Hong Kong, singer Hins Cheung stated that he is saddened by certain people who sneered at him and called him a second-class citizen.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who is currently preparing for his Coliseum show, stated that while he is in support of a good social order in Hong Kong, having people calling him second-class citizen is very hurtful, and which he considers a childish behaviour.

“The new immigrants are not second-class citizens in Hong Kong. I love this place as it still wants to keep the original tradition,” said Hins, adding that he was also hurt by Netizens calling him a traitor and a lackey due to his love for Hong Kong.
Asked for his opinion on mainland China boycotting celebrities who are in support of Occupy Central, Hins said that the artistes’ only hope is to have good social order, and admitted that the government did not do well in handling the conflict.
(Photo source: scmp.com)