Hong Kong actor and director Frankie Chan has recently returned to Hong Kong from Shanghai after receiving the news of the death of his daughter, actress Colleen Chan.

According to Mingpao News, the movie director was spotted arriving at a public mortuary in Tai Wai on the morning of 27 October alongside wife and son to identify the body.

However, Frankie, who was seen leaving the area after about half an hour, declined to give any interview and clarify speculations surrounding his daughter’s death.
It was also reported that the Chans will be holding a low-key funeral for Colleen.
Meanwhile, singer-actor Teddy Robin, who was close to Frankie, expressed his shock upon hearing the news, saying that he has never heard anything about Colleen’s depression.
In regard to rumours saying Frankie did not want his daughter to enter showbiz, Teddy said, “I have never heard that from Frankie, but I understand why some people would do so. Showbiz is not secure. Aside from waiting for an opportunity, you also have to have luck to be able to make it.”
Colleen Chan, 40, was found dead at Po Lam Estate in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong on 24 October, after falling from a building in the area. She was pronounced dead at the scene.